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Alefba - Eye On Palestine Alefba


Unique encounter between Aka Moon, Magic Malik and musicians from Europe and the Arabic world

The choc provoked by the Tahrir Square events continues to propagate from Cairo throughout the world. Two years after, the image of a human community that is reconstructing itself is haunting artists and musicians alike. To understand what went on in the Egyptian square, which had suddenly become a forum for the world, is now a matter of urgency to Cairo musicians and the people they address their music to. Following the political upheaval, new aesthetics are taking shape. Fresh forms are being developed, like for instance the mix of electro sounds, ûd, bouzoq, percussions, rap, voices, and «électro chaabi» or mahragan, which only six months before the Cairo public would have hold at bay.
Aka Moon are aware of the new sounds coming from Tahrir Square. Their work is supported by their own musical language of “rhythmic harmony” which they developed over the last twenty years by travelling in India, Africa, Cuba and the Arab world or with DJs.


Ten artists will come together in a unique experience called AlefBa.
 Fabrizio Cassol – sax; Michel Hatzigeorgiou – bass; Stéphane Galland – drums; Tcha Limberger – violin & vocal; Magic Malik – flute & vocal; Emmanuel Baily – guitar; Mustafa Saïd – oud & vocal; Sheikh Ehab Younes – vocal; Khaled AlJaramani – oud & vocal; Amir ElSaffar – trumpet & Misirli Ahmet – darbuka

AlefBa is like musical and poetic suite in Arabic, a meeting between the sound of a world in flux and the resonance in European and world music.

More infos about the project here www.akamoon.com