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The Lab - Eye On Palestine The Lab

The Lab

A film by Yotam Feldman followed by a Q&A with Ludo de Bravander

Documentary | 60′ | 2013

Hebrew with English subtitles

Is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the driving force behind the successful Israeli weapon and security industry? This is the central question in Yotham Feldman’s revealing documentary “The Lab”. Feldman portrays the Gaza Strip and West Bank as a kind of “laboratory” where Israel tests newly developed weapons and acquires expertise in warfare. The preference of international buyers for products that have already demonstrated their efficiency thus results in a booming demand for Israeli merchandise. “The Lab” exposes the relationship between politics, industry and ideology in an unparalleled way.

Before the screening of the Lab you can see a short docu of Laura Zuallaert We are all Natan Blanc

2013 I 18 min16

18 year old Natan Blanc is drafted into the Israeli military service but refuses the draft and is sent to prison. Natan is deeply disturbed by the way his government is treating people in the West Bank and Gaza. He is released from prison after 10 days but now faces a grinding, infinite loop of prosecution, prison sentencing and re-release by the Israeli military judicial system. The only way for Natan to escape the loop is to join the military service or become diagnosed as a mental health patient, but the 8 prison sentences do not break his beliefs.

More information about the film here www.gumfilms.com/lab

Yotam Feldman, born in Tel Aviv, studied philosophy at Tel Aviv University and then worked as an investigative journalist for Haaretz, where he wrote about the relationship between military operations and the Israeli economy. There he came to the conclusion that there was a larger story to tell. The Lab is his first film and was released in August 2013.

Ludo De Brabander is active since 1995 for Vrede, a non-profit organization based in Ghent. Today, he is the spokesman. He publishes in ‘Vrede’, the bimonthly magazine of the organization. He is also a contributing editor of Uitpers, a digital magazine for international politics, and writes for various printed and digital publications on peace issues, militarization and armament, and the Middle East. He reported on the Arab Spring from Egypt, was in Syria at the outbreak of the civil war and resides with great regularity in Palestine where he also organizes political solidarity visits. He revealed himself as a peace activist who took on the coordination of numerous demonstrations, actions and conferences against war and violence. He has been a yearlong member of the Middle East Working Group of the North-South organization 11.11.11. He is co-founder of the film and arts festival Eye on Palestine.