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Toot Ard - Eye On Palestine Toot Ard

Toot Ard

Music from the Occupied Golan Heights

“We always sing about the big picture where things are very healthy and spontaneous. We don’t feel confident about singing about more specific issues because they are too complicated for us. We sing about going back to nature, on the disappearance of national borders and about the idea of freedom. We live in the middle of the Middle East and have never visited any Arab country. We’re trapped in what is called Israel.”  Hasan  Nakhleh


Toot Ard (Arabic for Strawberries) is a “mountain reggae” band from the majestic mountainside village of Majdal Shams in the Occupied Golan Heights/ Syria. Their “Laisser Passer” documents say they are “Undefined” but they are sure they are 73% water and that music will lead them. Toot Ard has emerged as one of the most promising new bands in the Levant region. Singing in Arabic and weaving classical Arabic motifs into funky African inspired Reggae/ska grooves, they will make every audience laugh, dance, smile and imagine the many possibilities for a better future…